Our approach

The origin of the adventure

For today's pioneers

CimArk actively supports entrepreneurs in their quest for competitiveness, helping them to reach their full innovative potential by offering customized solutions. Operating at the heart of Switzerland's entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem, CimArk provides specialized coaching and technological expertise to turn your ambitions into tangible solutions.
Founded in 1991 by the Valais Department of the Economy and supported by around a hundred entrepreneurs, CimArk quickly emerged as a benchmark in Western Switzerland and beyond. Today, with over 30 years' experience and some thirty dedicated employees, CimArk plays a leading role in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, shaping a promising future for the Valais and beyond.

The novelty

Our slogan

It establishes a strong link between past, present and future. As a rule, pioneers are only discovered after the fact, making them an anachronism in this case: discovering them today places us at the source of innovation. The pioneer also symbolizes concrete work and action.
For today's pioneers


Our thoughts on the visual identity

Our new visual identity is entirely based on our values:

- Customer-centric approach
- Innovation
- Collaboration
- Development
- Expertise
- Flexibility   

The graphic direction is based on these values and can be summed up in these key points:

- Our approach is customer-centric, so we want to highlight the projects and people behind them, not our company. And that's why in our approach, we've decided to value these people and projects by adding light backgrounds whenever we talk about them, and adding a dark background when we talk about us, about CimArk.   

- Our company is at the heart of innovation, and our visual identity reflects it, not only in our visuals, but also in the dynamism of our new website.   

- The logo, with its Whyte Inktrap font designed by a Swiss foundry, helps us maintain a humble stance. Ink traps (notches) ensure that the font doesn't take up too much space, leaving room for others. Although this redesign moves the logo away from that of The Ark Foundation, the undeniable link we have with the Foundation is still emphasized by the capitalized A, which recalls the Foundation's name, as well as the arrow. The arrow represents what we are known for: being the operational arm of The Ark Foundation. The arrow completes the arc of the Foundation's logo. It's also an icon that highlights our forward-looking vision.   

- The colors used are dynamic and symbolize creativity, innovation, exploration and enthusiasm. The color palette evokes the complex and diverse nature of the CimArk ecosystem, the multi-faceted nature of the company and the unique perception of its customers.   

We wanted a new visual identity that would be consistent across all our media and channels, but also consistent with our values as outlined above. Our aim is to assert our uniqueness, create a lasting impression that will encourage recognition and establish an emotional connection with the public. We're stepping out of the shadows with this disruptive new identity, entirely thought out and designed in-house.
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