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The team

Founded on trust, our corporate culture is imbued with benevolence. We value personal commitment and teamwork, so that the collective accelerates the development of each colleague's skills. The diversity of personalities that make up our team feeds our creativity and strengthens our cohesion. At CimArk, collaboration is more than just a professional imperative; it's a daily pleasure.

The daily life

Working with today's pioneers on a daily basis gives us a foot in the future and a real foothold in the present. Working at CimArk is a unique experience fueled by our exceptionally varied projects. Our close collaboration with entrepreneurs constantly immerses us in the world of cutting-edge research, innovative start-ups and SMEs. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where every day brings new learning opportunities and innovative ideas.

The autonomy

At CimArk, we believe that innovation thrives in an environment where questioning, dynamism and commitment are key. We understand that every professional has a unique approach to excelling, which is why we offer a flexible work environment that allows us to balance professional responsibilities with personal commitments, without skimping on productivity. Personal autonomy is at the heart of our approach, to foster creativity and enable all colleagues to shape the future of CimArk.


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We are a company that values diversity of skills and perspectives. We firmly believe that it is through this diversity that we can reach new heights and push the boundaries. If no positions are currently open, we look forward to receiving your spontaneous application and discussing it with you!
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